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Our equipment can be customised to achieve the right level of service to your customers. There are additional options for water temperature, water storage and an app for reporting:

Use hot water with the Sunbrush Mobile cleaner to cut through dirt and grime even easier

Hot Water

If you use hot water, our Sunbrush system will cut through dirt and grime even easier. If your solar panels have been caked with rain over a long period of time, you can deliver a better clean in just a few hours using hot water. This means you can clean more sites in less time and reduce any risk of module damage due to temperature differences on hot days.

Use the tank system and be self-sufficient for hours

Tank System

Instead of having to rely on your farm client for water connection, you can use the tank system and be self-sufficient for hours. This is particularly suitable for remote farms.

Diagnostics 4.0 Reporting Package to identify any non-performing solar panels

Reporting Package

As well as client solar panel cleans, you can provide your clients with value-add reports. Our latest Diagnostics 4.0 Reporting Package will identify any non-performing solar panels.

Our SunBrush Mobil diagnostic system combines efficient cleaning and diagnosis of the modules in a single operation:

  • Identifies hotspot errors.
  • Recognises defective cell connections.
  • Identifies breakdowns in partial strings in a module.
  • Localises defects in the module field via GPS.
  • Monitors cleaning operations remotely.
  • Reveals changes in module quality.




Diagnostics 4.0 Reporting Package to identify any non-performing solar panels

Sunbrush Blue

Sunbrush Blue is an ideal supplement for cleaning photovoltaic and solar systems.
Our environmentally friendly cleaning agent, Sunbrush Blue, is designed specifically for solar modules and optimises the cleaning effect. Benefits include:

  • A residue-free and spotless cleaning result.
  • Solar cell cleaner with limescale prevention formula.
  • Depending on water hardness, the dosage is 1 litre of SunBrush® Blue / 1,000 litres of water.
  • No need for cost-intensive demineralisation.
  • Biodegradable.


Use the tank system and be self-sufficient for hours

Sunbrush Green

SunBrush Green is environmentally friendly and adapted to our devices. It’s especially designed to clean stubborn mosses and lichens with targeted application to affected areas and for follow-up cleaning.

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