SunBrush Mobil

Nothing Beats the Original

SunBrush Australia is the Australian, New Zealand distributor for the SunBrush range of Solar Panel Cleaning equipment.
SunBrush mobil GmBH, the manufacturer, have been developing and producing intelligent Solar cleaning systems for over 15 years. Before then, Franz Ehleuter, the mechanical engineer and company founder, was developing and producing car wash systems. His brother installed his first solar farm in 2003 and Ehleuter realised that these photovoltaic sites require intelligent care, due to loss of performance and damage from dirt, snow and micro-organisms. SunBrush was born.
The products were patented, and are now recommended by solar companies worldwide, with machines operating in over 45 countries. SunBrush is now the go-to cleaning solution for large solar parks.

SunBrush Australia was established in 2019 to bring sales to Australia & New Zealand - An essential market for SunBrush Mobil.