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Ensure your clean energy stays clean and productive


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Mobile cleaning technology for photovoltaic & solar installations

“SunBrush® mobile” is universally applicable for the cleaning of PV outdoor and roof-mounted systems and other smooth surfaces. It can be hydraulically operated with almost any commercial tractor, excavator, telescopic handler.


Amazing Performance

Intuitive Controls

Diagnostic Controls

German Hardware

Proven Returns

Australian Support

Industry Leader

Diagnostic Controls

German Hardware

Proven Returns

Australian Support

Industry Leader

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Made in Germany, supplied by Australian with decades in the solar panel industry. The SunBrush Mobile is a powerfully efficient rig for cleaning solar panel farms at scale. When dust, grime and bird poo has affected your efficiency, one pass with the SunBrush Mobile restores production capacity by up to 30%! These are tangible returns to solar farms. And they welcome teams with the SunBrush capability. Restore profits to large scale solar installations.

Unrivaled cleaning for solar farms. The easiest way to maintain solar production.

For Solar Farms

Solar Farms are buying this to perform regular maintenance in house on a constant rotation.

For Cleaning Companies

Specialist solar cleaning companies are now able to deliver unprecedented efficiency for farm cleaning.

Local Service & Support

You are purchasing from an Australian company, and we stand with the manufacturer for local warranty.



You can customise the equipment so you can deliver the right level of service to your customers.

There are additional options for water temperature, water storage and an app for reporting.

Hot Water

Hot water slices through the grime and dirt even easier. If it is caked on with rain and time then you can deliver a better clean in fewer hours. Get to more sites in a week.


Using the tank system means you are self sufficient for hours rather than relying on the farm client to provide water connections. Suitable for remote farms.

Diagnostics 4.0

Provide data to your clients in a neat reporting package. Prove your value with data. Not only on the clean, but you add value by reporting on any non-performing panels.

SunBrush in Australia – delivery, training, support

This exciting technology is giving genuine financial gains to the renewable production industry. Restore up to 30% production.

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Cardiff, NSW

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