Tunnel Cleaning

The Sunbrush Mobile Rapid solar cleaner is ideal for maneuvering in narrow passageways and tunnels.

How It Works

PV System & Tunnel Cleaning

Photovoltaic systems that are set very close together are easily accessible with the Sunbrush Mobile Rapid’s compact solar cleaning system that’s attached to a mini-excavator.

It’s operated with a joystick so that the brush can be moved flexibly in any direction. It can be turned by 180 degrees to clean in the opposite direction. Wet cleaning of photovoltaic systems can be done without any problem as the water tank is suspended on the dozer blade and transported along.

Play SunBrush mobil TunnelCleaner video



Quick and easily mounted on all standard mini-excavators


Straightforward, touch-sensitive operation


Compact design


Ideal for use in confined spaces


No empty runs due to the revolving driver’s cab


180 degree swivel brush arm


Optional wet cleaning with the SunBrush Water Tank system


Brush widths from 2 to 5 metres

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