Solar Farm Cleaning

Solar farm cleaning is essential to the continued performance of your renewable energy supply.

How It Works

Large Scale PV System Cleaning

Solar farms are constantly exposed to all the elements, whether it’s the sun, rain or wind and this affects the modules. What’s more, dirt and grime from dust, air pollution, road traffic, sand and bird droppings all pose a major long-term issue if not dealt with. That’s why our SunBrush Mobile rig is your solar farm photovoltaic cleaning solution, providing maximum efficiency with minimum effort.

The Sunbrush mobile is compatible with mini-excavators and includes a ‘washtronic’ setting to adjust the contact pressure on the collector surface that’s managed hydraulically. Once correctly selected, the contact pressure is automatically fully regulated during washing – even if the underlying surface is uneven.

The Sunbrush Mobile can be used as an efficient and flexible solar panel cleaning solution and is suitable for rooftop installations, PV outdoor installations and other smooth surfaces.

Efficient PV system cleaning on a large scale

Benefits of cleaning with Sunbrush mobile:


Damage is detected at an early stage


Modules can be checked simultaneously for potential signs of damage


Prevention of yield and performance loss


Effective cleaning of solar panels ensuring long-term yields


Value preservation

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This exciting technology is giving genuine financial gains to the renewable production industry. Restore up to 30% production.

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